Monday, December 23, 2013

Main Forms of Tobacco Used, Trends / current status and Anti-tobacco Use Legislation

Main Forms of Tobacco Used
          Chew tobacco

Trends / current status

          In 2003, the smoking prevalence among adults was 54.8% in males and 16.6% in females.
          The prevalence was 1.6% in the age group 10-14, 2.8% among males and 0.1% among females.  
          29% school going adolescent males practice smoking and 55% males start smoking during adolescence who do not go to school.
          Average number of cigarettes smoked: The annual cigarette consumption per person: 245
          Smoking is alarming, because tobacco is considered to be a "gateway drug", the use of which may lead to alcohol, marijuana and other drug abuse and high-risk behaviors in the long term.

Anti-tobacco Use Legislation

          There is no comprehensive tobacco control policy or legislation. 
          Health warnings are provided on cigarette packages. 
          Advertising in electronic media and specific locations is to be done widely. 
          Smoking is prohibited in public places and transports. 
          There are no bans on sales to children.

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