Monday, December 23, 2013

Arsenic A Global problem

What is Arsenic ?
Arsenic is an element that it is a chemical that can’t be broken down into simpler  chemicals inorganic arsenic is a human carcinogen (EPA, 1984). 
 Arsenic A Global problem
Two Hundred Million people worldwide are at risk to As exposure (NRC, 2001). Several regions in the World are above the WHO’s maximum permissible limit.  These include:
Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Argentina, U.S.A, Chile,  Nepal, Mexico, Ghana, Taiwan.

 Where does arsenic come from?
        As occurs naturally & is widely distributed in the Earth’s crust
        Volcanic activity, rock & mineral erosion, & forest fires release As
        As is often concentrated in sulfide-bearing mineral deposits (e.g., gold and copper)
        Strong affinity to pyrite (very abundant) and hydrous iron oxides

Anthropogenic or Man-Made:
        Drilling Wells
        Mineral Extraction
        Processing Wastes
Levels of Arsenic in water depend on:
        Level of human activity
        Distance from pollution sources

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