Monday, December 23, 2013

When You Quit… Smoking

Within 20 Minutes:
·         Blood pressure drops to normal
·         Pulse rate returns to normal
·         Body temperature of hands and feet increases to normal
Within 8 Hours:
·         Carbon Monoxide level in blood drops to normal
·         Oxygen level in blood increases to normal
·         Smoker's breath disappears
Within 24 Hours: Your chance of a heart attack decreases.
Within 48 Hours:
·         Nerve endings start to re-grow
·         Your ability to smell and taste is enhanced
Within 72 Hours:
·         Bronchial tubes relax making it easier to breathe.
·         Lung capacity increases making it easier to do physical activities
·         Within 2 weeks - 3 months:
·         Circulation improves
·         Walking becomes easier
·         Lung function increases up to 30 %
Within 1 - 9 months:
·         Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath decrease
·         Energy level increases
·         Cilia re-grow in lungs, increasing the ability to handle mucus, clean lungs, reduce infection
Within One Year: Risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker
Within Two Years: Heart attack risk drops to near normal
Within 5 Years:
·         Lung cancer death rate for average pack-a-day smoker decreases by almost half
·         Stroke risk is reduced
·         Risk of mouth, throat and esophageal cancer is half than that of a smoker
Within 10 Years: The pre-cancerous cells are replaced.
Within 15 Years: Risk of coronary heart disease is same as a person who has never smoked.

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