Monday, December 23, 2013

Managing withdrawal Smoking

Managing withdrawal
          Most intense during the first three to seven days
          May continue for several weeks but will get less severe
          Triggers or cues associated with smoking can cause cravings

Do for managing withdrawal Smoking

          Reduce or avoid caffeine or other stimulants
          Relax before going to bed
          Make your bedroom quiet
          Keep a bedtime routine
          Drink plenty of water
          Use cough drops to relieve throat irritation

If you’re having trouble concentrating
          Adjust your schedule to a lighter workload
          Lower your expectations on the amount of work you can do
          Understand the amount of energy and time it takes to stop smoking
If your appetite has increased
          Eat healthy snacks
          Don’t delay regular meals
          Drink more water
          Exercise regularly

If you crave a cigarette

          Wait out the craving (usually less than five minutes)
          Try deep breathing
          Use distractions
          Call someone in your support network
          Chew gum
          Brush your teeth

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