Sunday, December 22, 2013

Impacts of Drug Addiction

Physical Impact
          Damage of Different body parts
1.      Brain and liver damage – Alcohol
2.      Lung and heart disease – Marijuana
3.      Stroke and heart disease – Cocaine
4.      Heart disease and liver damage – Amphetamine
          Problems with Pregnancy
          Transmission of STD and various other diseases occur due to sharing of contaminated syringes
          Overdose of cocaine, heroine, alcohol can kill someone

Psychological Impact

          Influence of Amphetamines, Makes people alert, energetic & confident.
          Influence of Steroids, Leads to confusion, depression & paranoia.
          Influence of Cocaine, Similar to amphetamines but short lived. Regular users often become nervous, excited, euphoric, nauseous.
          Influence of Alcohol might lead to sweating, anxiety, trembling.
          Influence of Analgesics makes people drowsy, contended.
          Influence of Marijuana, Low dose leads to depression, High dose makes user distressed

Social Impact

          On Family & Community
1.      Distance grows with family members
2.      Socially accepted norms are not followed
3.      Drug abuse effects Central Nervous System which changes mood and reduces the capability of tolerating other people

Impacts on Education

          Overall performance decreases
          Marijuana kills brain cells and disrupt learning ability

Impacts on Employment

          Work efficiency decreases
          Abusers have 55% more chances of industrial accidents and 85% more chances of injuries
          Drug abuser employee becomes liability

Impacts on Criminal Activities

          Rise in both violent & acquisitive crime
          Abusers often resort to various crimes for money
          Strong link found between violent crimes & drugs
          Influence of alcohol is found in 50% of murderers and 70% of assaulters.

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