Monday, December 23, 2013

Steps to quitting smoking

Steps to quitting
  1. Get ready
  2. Get support
  3. Learn new skills and behaviors
  4. Get medication – if recommended by your doctor – and use it correctly
  5. Be prepared for cravings and withdrawal symptoms
Step 1: Get Ready
          Set a quit date
          Get rid of all cigarettes and ashtrays at home, work and in your car
          Keep a diary of when and why you smoke
          Tell friends and family that you are going to stop
Step 2: Get Support
          Your chances of success increase if you have a support network
          Ask friends, family and for their support in helping you to quit
          Ask others not to smoke around you
Step 3: Learn New Skills & Behaviors
          Distract yourself from urges to smoke
        Talk to someone
        Go for a walk
        Get busy with a task
        Go somewhere you’re not allowed to smoke
Step 3: Learn New Skills  & Behaviors
          Change your routine
        Take a different route to work
        Drink tea instead of coffee
        Eat breakfast in a different place
Step 3: Learn New Skills & Behaviors
          Reduce stress – take a hot bath, exercise, or read a book
          Plan something enjoyable to do every day
          Drink a lot of water and other fluids
Step 4: Get Medication
          Take medication as per suggestion of your family physician
Step 5: Avoid Relapse
          Most relapses occur within the first three months
          Avoid drinking alcohol – drinking lowers your chances of success
          Avoid being around other smokers – can make you want to smoke
Step 5: Avoid Relapse
          Eat a healthy diet
          Stay active
          Look for ways to improve your mood other than smoking

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