Saturday, January 4, 2014

Earthquake! How to live?

1. Furniture stuck with the wall by a cleat or clam before the earthquake.  That can reduce the risk of injury or death from the pressed down furniture or cabinet. 

2. Heavy thing of the self keep right off the bottom from the top.
3. Dangerous objects, such as fire and chemical products should be kept in a safe place.

4. After earthquake occurs, emergency rescue equipment need for rescue and salvation on that urgent situation. Those should keep on the near of hand. Those are hammer,
Axe, saw, pliers, hand globs, helmet, water tank, torch lights, first aid box, etc.

5. The emergency rescue equipment need to collect and save in a box and learn how use them. Immediately those helps you in an emergency.
6. The time of the earthquake takes shelter the most secure places in the house. These are sturdy bed, wooden table, below, RCC columns before the start of the earthquake you can marks this shelter.

 7. Dangerous things should be marks which can be causes of accidents on an earthquake. Hanging objects are dangerous things such as, flowerpot, unsteady furniture, fire materials, steels dress in box etc.

 8. Gas and power lines, closing system knows the entire family member.

 9. Write down the telephone number of the non-governmental service organization.

 10. Fire reduced equipment used in buildings is very important and everyone can learn use of it.

 11. On the earthquake makes a safe place or door for emergency exit for your family.

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